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Carpet Dyeing An Affordable Alternative

To New Carpet  Replacement

We Have Been Saying this Since the

Early 1980’s and It Is Still True Today


Color Tech Carpet Dyeing is family owned and operated with over 31 years experience in the Carpet Dyeing and Restoration business.

Our #1 Business is Carpet Dyeing


Have You Been Told You Have To Dye To Whole Carpet To Take Care Of A Spot, That Is Not True and These People Are Not Master Carpet Dyers. We Can Dye Just A Spot In Most Cases. Please Call for More Information.


Can you dye your own carpet? Can any spot be dyed? Can carpet be dyed lighter,

Does the dye walk off? Can all carpets be dyed? And many more questions

See Our Q&A Page to get Most of Your Carpet Dyeing Questions Answered


Please Note: There are only about 15 Master Carpet Dyers in the Country (USA). It takes years to become a Master Carpet Dyer. Beware of carpet cleaners trying to dye your carpet, they are not dyers. Some carpet cleaners say they dye carpet, but this is a sideline to them. We are proud to be the Only Master Carpet Dyers in Colorado.

Thank you,


Color Tech Carpet Dyeing

Home of the “Only Master Carpet Dyer in State of Colorado”


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